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Search on Bing for Firefox

Bing for Firefox is the search engine, that is available on Mozilla Firefox. Along with the common search engines, Bing can be an alternative that is safe, free of spyware, and easily available as the default search engine for the Firefox browser. Developed by Microsoft, this is an excellent tool for a quick search, and it is the solution to search for something quickly on Firefox.

Use Bing for Firefox for search

The Firefox browser introduced the Bing search as an add-on, as early as 2011. The Bing search engine is the default one for Firefox—a search engine it can associate closely to—and can be seen as a button on the browser tab. Of course, this default setting can be altered to use other search engines like Yahoo or Google—it's just simply more convenient to keep using Bing on Firefox.

How does Bing really work?

Bing uses adaptive technology to show up search results, which means that it takes the information from past searches and shows results that are best suited to your search. So essentially, Bing shows the results which are the most relevant to what you are looking for.

How does Bing compare to Google?

Bing and Google are both search engines with a similar ranking methodology, looking at backlinks, SEO content, technical aspects, and more. However, the results that both search engines show can be drastically different from one another.

One of the main reasons is that the majority of websites are optimized to suit Google’s algorithm and ranking, and use Google analytical tools to create their content. The weightage of some aspects of Bing is different so the results show up differently. Bing is focused more on metadata, as compared to Google. Bing relies more on methods like keywords on the website, to show relevant results; while Google has a more complex methodology, which captures the balance between keywords and relevant content (without keyword stuffing).

Of course, Google has a massive advantage with the amount of data they collect and the number of users who apply Google products—and just the fact that all the sites need to be using the Google algorithm to optimize, it is better to use this standard search engine for best results. Also, Google is a default search engine for many and is also the market leader—with most internet users well adapted to using the search engine. It is difficult to switch to Bing in that sense, as the interface seems odd and just not “Google enough.”

Also, many Firefox users often simply change the default from Bing to Google, as they are more comfortable using the latter. It feels odd, almost, to use any other search engine that looks and feels differently from Google—and that is a big drawback for Bing.

Why should one use Bing on Firefox?

The biggest advantage of Bing on Firefox is that it is the default option and a ready extension. If a user is agnostic towards the search engine, this works for Bing, as the default option enables them to simply continue using Bing. Bing is great for video searches, as it captures the meta descriptions and shows up relevant results.

What goes against Bing?

Bing is not the most popular search engine; Google is. Google shows up the most results and is the most relevant and widely-used search engine. Other engines like Yahoo, are also not comparable to Google, which is the absolute giant in the search engine space. Google’s integration with browsers and other Google products like Mail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Photos, etc, give it an extra edge over other browsers—and the fact that users are just so used to Google also does not help Bing’s case. Also, the user interface of Bing really lacks in simplicity and the entire search page looks like a Google page from 10 years ago.

What’s the final word on Bing on Firefox?

The biggest factor going for Bing on Firefox is that it is a default search engine that is pre-set into the browser. Whenever a search window opens, it leads to the Bing search and throws up results that are relevant for the user. Bing is great for video searches as it captures the meta descriptions and shows the best results. However, users tend to gravitate towards Google because of the obvious ease of use and adoption. Nevertheless, Bing for Firefox is also an easy-to-use search engine in its proper browser.


  • Default on Firefox
  • Good for video searches


  • Outdated user interface
  • Doesn't compare well with Google
  • Difficult to switch to
  • Websites with keyword stuffing not recognized well

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Bing for Firefox for PC

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User reviews about Bing for Firefox

  • Macz Mounday

    by Macz Mounday

    Loving it.Keep it rolling guys and girls. Everybody download Bing right now!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Macz Mounday

  • Videos By josh

    by Videos By josh

    It is actually the worst web browser. Google is better and faster

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    A Daily Treat.
    I love the pictures in the Bing browser; it's like getting a free treat every day. I look forward to them every day. Also, I have More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I got a new computer it window 7 I change to window 10 an lost .
    I had bing for a short time when I got a new computer  More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    it works and has rewards.
    it works!!!
    Pros More


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